GSE xin thông báo với các bạn sinh viên một số khóa học tại các trường đại học Anh Quốc đã đóng do số lượng học sinh đã đủ.

University of Huddersfield

•    Huddersfield application for all courses is 31 July.

University of Birmingham
•    MA European Studies Research
•    PG Certificate Contemporary European Studies
•    MA European Studies      
•    3 week pre-sessional

University of Reading
•    MSc Accounting and Financial Management
•    MSc International Management and Accounting

Leeds Metropolitan University
•    MSc International Festivals Management
•    MSc Responsible Events
•    MA Cultural Planning and Policy
•    MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Durham University
•    MA Financial Management

University of Liverpool
•    MSc Management

Loughborough University
•    All Business School courses

University of Hertfordshire
•    Pre-sessional English 1 & 2

University of Bristol
•    5 week pre-sessional
•    International Foundation with Economics and Finance
•    Water & Environmental Management (MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert)
•    Strategic Management (MSc)
•    Composition of Music for Film & TV (MA)
•    International Development (MSc)
•    Orthodontics DDS

University of Leeds
•    All master courses in Business School 
•    Pre-sessional courses starting on 1 August 2011
•    Pre-sessional courses starting on 4 July 2011 

University of Nottingham
•    Civil Engineering (Undergraduate)
•    Law undergraduate (Undergraduate)

Royal Holloway, University of London
•    MSc Asia Pacific Business
•    MSc Entrepreneurship
•    MSc International Human Resource Management
•    MSc International Management
•    MA Marketing

Brunel University
•    MA Design and Branding Strategy
•    MA Design Strategy and Innovation

London South Bank University
•    BA (Hons) Business Information Systems
•    BA (Hons) Accounting With Law
•    BA (Hons) Management With Law
•    BA (Hons) Management With Psychology
•    BSc (Hons) BIT With Management
•    BSc (Hons) BIT With Accounting
•    BSc (Hons) BIT  With Psychology
•    BSc (Hons) BIT With Tourism Studies
•    BSc (Hons) BIT With Law
•    BSc (Hons) BIT And HRM
•    BSc (Hons) BIT And Management
•    BSc (Hons) BIT And Accounting
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With Accounting
•    BA (Hons) Marketing  With Tourism
•    BA (Hons) Marketing  And HRM
•    BA (Hons) Marketing And  BIT
•    BA (Hons) Marketing And Management
•    BA (Hons) Marketing And Accounting
•    BA (Hons) Digital Marketing  And HRM
•    BA (Hons) English Language Studies  And Accounting
•    BA (Hons) English Language Studies And HRM
•    BA (Hons) English Language Studies  And Management
•    BA (Hons) English Language Studies And Marketing
•    BA (Hons) Accounting With English Language Studies  
•    BA (Hons) Business Information Technology With English Language
•    BA (Hons) Human Resource Management With English Language
•    BA (Hons) Management With English Language Studies  
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With English Language Studies  
•    BA (Hons) Digital Marketing With Accounting  
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With Business Information Technology
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With Management  
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With Human Resource Management
•    BA (Hons) Accounting With BIT
•    BA (Hons) Accounting With Marketing
•    BA (Hons) HRM With BIT
•    BA (Hons) HRM With Marketing
•    BA (Hons) Management With Marketing
•    Extended Degree Programme In Science

Lancaster University
•    MSc Finance
•    MSc Accounting and Financial Management
•    MSc Financial Analysis

University of Exeter
•    MSc Accounting & Finance

University of Southampton
•    Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
•    MSc Civil Engineering
•    MSc Software Engineering
•    MSc Microelectronics Systems Design
•    MSc System on Chip
•    MSc Web Technology
•    MSc Energy and Sustainability
•    MSc in River Science and River Management
•    Mres in River Science
•    MSc in Healthy Cities
•    Mres in Healthy Cities
•    MSc in Palaeoecology
•    Mres in Palaeoecology

University of Manchester
•    MSc Accounting and Finance
•    MSc Finance
•    MSc Quantitative Finance: Financial Engineering
•    MSc Quantitative Finance: Risk Management

University of Edinburgh
•    All English Courses
•    MSc Management

Cardiff University
•    8 week pre-sessional
•    11 week pre-sessional

University of Kent
•    MSc Management (Accounting & Finance)
•    MSc Management (General)
•    MSc Management (Human Resources)
•    MSc Management (International Business)
•    MSc Management (Marketing)
•    MSc Finance
•    MSc Financial Services
•    MSc International Accounting & Finance

Queen Mary, University of London
•    MSc Marketing
•    MA International Relations
•    MSc Management and Organisational Innovation
•    MSc Global Business
•    MSc International Financial Management
•    MSc Management and Organisational Innovation
•    MSc Accounting and Finance

University of Westminster
•    BSc Complementary Therapies
•    BA Development Studies & Criminology
•    BA Development Studies & History
•    BA Development Studies & Sociology
•    BA English Language and Politics
•    BA English and IR
•    BA French and History
•    BA German and History
•    BA Spanish and History
•    BA History & Criminology
•    MSc Architecture and Environmental Design
•    MSc Complementary Medicine
•    MA Interprofessional Education
•    MA European Studies

University of Glasgow
•    MAcc in International Accounting & Financial Management
•    M.Fin in International Finance
•    MSc Management with International Finance

Newcastle University
•    MA Human Resource Management
•    MA International Human Resource Management
•    MSc International Marketing
•    MA International Financial Analysis
•    MSc Finance
•    MSc Banking & Finance
•    MA International Business Management
•    MSc International Economics & Finance
•    MSc Finance & Financial Regulation
•    MSc Quantitative Finance & Risk Management

University of East Anglia
•    MSc Brand Leadership
•    MSc Business Management
•    MSc International Accounting and Financial Management
•    MSc International Human Resource Management
•    MSc Marketing
•    MSc Strategic Information Systems
•    MSc Strategic Supply Chain Management

University of Leicester
•    MSc in Accounting and Finance
•    MSc in Finance
•    MSc in Management
•    MSc in Management, Finance and Accounting
•    MSc in Marketing

Moreover, the courses at the UK universities below are nearly full and will likely close for applications.

Bournemouth University
•    12 week pre-sessional

University of Exeter
•    MSc Finance & Investment
•    MSc International Management (12 Month Route)

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